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Heavy Duty High Temperature Tape, VM Series

Heavy Duty High Temperature Tape, VM Series

1. Features
Heavy duty high temperature tape has advantages of strong bonding power, good adhesion hold, good rebound and warp resistance, as well as a considerable level of temperature resistance.

2. Composition
Solvent-based acrylic polymer adhesive
Picture Tissue /PET
Solvent-based acrylic polymer adhesive
Double-sided PE coated silicone release liner

3. Application
The double sided tissue is used for cutting, stamping, bonding and fixing badge plates, film switches and security labels.

4. Tape Performance
Product Code Base Adhesive Type Thickness
Glue Width
Color Initial Tack
Peel Strength
Holding Power
Temperature Resistance
VM-090 Tissue Solvent-based acrylic adhesive 90±5 1040/1240 500/1000 Translucent ≤100 ≥15 ≥10 80
VM-100 Tissue Solvent-based acrylic adhesive 100±5 1040/1240 500/1000 Translucent ≤100 ≥15 ≥10 80
VM-110 Tissue Solvent-based acrylic adhesive 110±10 1040/1240 500/1000 Translucent ≤100 ≥16 ≥10 80
VM-130 Tissue Solvent-based acrylic adhesive 130±10 1040/1240 500/1000 Translucent ≤100 ≥18 ≥10 80
DM-1212PET PET Solvent-based acrylic adhesive 95±5 1040/1240 500/1000 Translucent ≤100 ≥18 ≥10 80

1. Information and data are for universal values of product testing, and do not represent the actual value of each product.
2. Tape comes with a variety of double-sided release liner (normal or thick white release liner, kraft release liner, glassine paper, etc.) for clients’ choice.
3. Tape can be customized according to customer need.

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